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Guangdong Kaibao New Material Group Co. , Ltd,  has the jurisdiction of  Yangjiang Kaibao New Material Industry Co.,Ltd, Foshan
Taimei Stainless Steel Co . , Ltd., Foshan Gaoruijin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Foshan Kaibao  Stainless Steel Co . , Ltd,is a benchmark 
for companies in the field of stainless steel plate and stainless steel embossing plate, is the core agent of Hong Wang group. It was 
awarded "2015-2016 AnnualStainless Steel Circulation Industry Top 30 Enterprises in China", "Guangdong Stainless Steel Decoration 
Brand Enterprise", "Caton Fair Qualified  Supplier  " and " 2016  ( first )  GuangdongStainless Steel Business Integrity Demonstration 
Enterprise" and so on ,  it is The Vice President of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province and StandingDirector 
Unit of Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association, with trademarks as  “Xin Kai Bao" ,  "He Tian Xia " and " Fu  
Wan Jia",  the products won the title of “Top Ten Brand of “Top Ten Brand of Stainless Steel Plate”.
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